Mid America Directories, Inc.

“Proper Ad Development For a Specialized Medium”

Proper ad development is essential to the success of any Yellow Pages advertising campaign. This is because its primary purpose is to provide quick information to the public. However, many of the ads published in telephone directories today are unfortunately not meeting this need and are actually better suited for magazine and newspaper publications. 

This trend started approx. 20 years ago when businesses began asking publishers to create ads that included more complex designs. They also sought out the services of independent graphic artists to create ads they deemed to be more eye appealing.  What often resulted were ads that contained too many graphics, hard to read font styles and bright splashes of gradient colors. While these design features may work well in other mediums, they can prevent or delay buying decisions when used in Yellow Pages directories because they take longer to visually process.

Businesses need to keep in mind that the primary goal of Yellow Pages advertising is to speed up buying decisions. Graphic artists with experience in this medium know that the best way to accomplish this is with ad copy. These are statements contained in an ad that explain what a business specializes in, whether they offer financing, have convenient hours, or are members of certain trade organizations, just to name a few. They are what differentiates your business from your competition. While it is true that an eye-catching graphic may draw a person’s attention to an ad, it is the ad copy that “holds” their attention and initiates customer contacts. That is why it is important this information is always laid out properly, never obstructed, and answers questions the public is likely to ask. It is also the main reason why Yellow Pages ads are “intentionally” designed to be free of clutter and visual distractions.

Mid America Directories, Inc. has been designing traditional Yellow Pages advertising for over 20 years. Our graphic artists have extensive experience in writing effective ad copy and develop ads that are attractive and easy to visualize. Whether you are interested in purchasing an ad in one or our directories or in our custom design services, we can help.  We can also evaluate and make suggestions on how to improve your existing Yellow Pages advertising at a reasonable cost. Please contact us through our website at www.midamdir.com or call 918-946-5553 for more information about our rates and services.